"The hevy brothers and the classical musicians competing" is Bravade's new concert program, where the two girls Sari & Sari, Duo KlaSarit, experts in recorder playing and classical music, visit the dedicated rock recorder players Tero and Erno. What will happen with Johann Sebastian Bach, Michael Jackson, Harry Potter and Mozart? How will the four deal with Sibelius and Robin? In the lively show, hosted by Tero and Erno, the musical borderlines are wiped out. The conclusion is that no matter style or genre, all that's left are the joy of playing and experiencing music. 



Can you use a recorder to play anything more than just a simple tune? Certainly! This is readily demonstrated by Bravade and its compelling, theatrical children’s concert titled the Absent-minded Composer and Company. The concert presents the history of the recorder and music composed for it from the Middle Ages to the present day. Composers, such as Bach, Mozart and Beethoven make their appearance on stage. Even the Finnish heavy brothers Tero and Erno see their spot in the lime light. The Recorder family is represented by its smallest member, the 15-cm sopranino, as well as a pleasant giant, the two-meter subbass recorder. This concert by Bravade is written and directed by Antti Lang.

Bravade has been performing this children’s concert with great acclaim since 2007 at music festivals and schools throughout Finland. At present the Quartet is working for Konserttikeskus ry, a Concert center, which deals with arrangements for children’s concerts in schools and day care centers.

The Absent-minded Composer and Company is meant for preschool and elementary school children. The concert can be requested in both Finnish and Swedish, and lasts approximately 30 minutes.